Journal Articles

Atkeson, Lonna Rae, and Brian T. Hamel. Forthcoming. “Fit for the Job: Candidate Qualifications and Vote Choice in Low Information Elections.” Political Behavior.

Hamel, Brian T., and Michael G. Miller. Forthcoming. “How Voters Punish and Donors Protect Legislators Embroiled in Scandal.” Political Research Quarterly. Replication Data.

Henderson, John A., Brian T. Hamel, and Aaron M. Goldzimer. Forthcoming. “Gerrymandering Incumbency: Does Nonpartisan Redistricting Increase Electoral Competition?” Journal of Politics. Supplementary Appendix. Replication Data.

Panagopoulos, Costas, Jan E. Leighley, and Brian T. Hamel. 2017. “Are Voters Mobilized by a ‘Friend-and-Neighbor’ on the Ballot? Evidence from a Field Experiment.” Political Behavior 39 (4): 865-882. Replication Data.

Under Review

“Who Donates to Party Switchers?” (with Antoine Yoshinaka)

Projects in Progress

“Cleaning Up Corruption: Political Parties and Candidate Selection” (with Raffaele Asquer and Miriam A. Golden)

“Information Seeking and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Search Data” (with Ryan T. Moore)

“Who Votes When—and Why?” (with Jan E. Leighley, Marvin R. McNeese, Jr., and Robert M. Stein)

“Extending the Majority: Party Spending Under Budget Constraints” (with Aaron M. Goldzimer and John A. Henderson)

“The Consequences of Affective Polarization for Political Persuasion” (with Lynn Vavreck)